TTM Law Firm Diversity Index

Your easy access, open resource for independent analysis of D&I across the industry.

We’ve rigorously investigated the data available on the websites of each of the top 200 UK law firm to understand where we’re at, and how much we have still to accomplish.

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The next generation employee engagement platform to connect, collaborate and drive positive organisational change.

All of Us promotes and facilitates, with easy to use tools, an open and inclusive culture in any workplace. Active engagement on important issues by all levels of an organisation is enabled by utilising the platform.

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All of Us

Expert Report: Can Profit, Value and Diversity Align when Instructing External Lawyers?

Nearly two-thirds of companies don’t believe they get value for money from their law firms, according to a new survey of more than 400 small, medium-sized and large organisations.

With diversity and inclusivity gaining more prominence than ever, could new technology and data bring together commercial success and promote positive change?

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