TTM Ethics Project – Share your knowledge and expertise

We learn from experience – our own but also from stories shared by others.

We encourage you to share that expertise here ANONYMOUSLY – in doing so knowing that you will be guiding others through the ethical dilemmas that lie embedded in the in-house legal department role.

When I was a GC the constant refrains were – ‘Be commercial’ , ‘partner with the business’ - but we also need to do so without betraying our legal, ethical, social and moral compass.

How do we reconcile conflict? How do we cope with what can sometimes be tremendous pressure to act in a certain way?

Where do we turn for confidential practical guidance?

Please via the below link ANONYMOUSLY share your ethical dilemma stories and how you navigated them (or not as the case may be) and pass on the benefit of your expertise and advice.

This resource will be curated and categorised (making it easily searchable) and made openly available to the profession.

This project will progress in phases, striving to be a dynamic and useful resource as it evolves. As the themes of the issues emerge during this initial phase we aim to then make information and advice available on the issues and in a format that you tell us works best for you in the in-house environment.

Your fellow lawyers thank you – and next time you have a fresh ethical dilemma there could be something helpful here for you too.

Many thanks,

Share your knowledge and expertise