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February 12th 2021

Would Coca-Cola’s US 30% fee reduction rule work in the UK?

Coca-Cola publicly lost its patience in the US last week and said it would withhold up to 30% of its fees if diversity targets were not met by its external lawyers.

January 8th 2021

The TTM Ethics Project – Share your knowledge and expertise

A CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS open resource – how lawyers navigate ethical issues and deal with in-house legal department pressures.

December 14th 2020

Tap the Market™ is partnering with All of Us

Tap the Market™ is delighted to be partnering with All of Us - the next generation employee engagement platform

November 30th 2020

Exedra Newsletter – November 2020

Featuring lessons from Camilla Cavendish and the adoption of legal technology.

October 29th 2020

Metrics To Increase Efficiency in Legal

Not all things need to be tracked but certain metrics do need to be recorded to efficiently run the legal and procurement department.

October 27th 2020

Death of the Alternative Fee Arrangement?

Law firms are delighted to present fee proposals that clients wish to receive – but firms need and deserve guidance and feedback from clients.

October 23rd 2020

Law Firm Partners: What The Best Do Well

The most adept and adroit client relationship partners are the ones who know your business and let you know what may be on the horizon.