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September 18th 2020

Injecting Competition Through Automation

Tim Jenkins shares his cautionary tale on fractured trust and injecting competition into law firm selection.

September 14th 2020

Build Trust and Value with your External Lawyers

Building trust and confidence with open, transparent and collaborative interactions leads to clear and tangible benefits for both client and law firm.

September 10th 2020

Liberating Legal Services Through Automation

Maximise efficiency using automation and data-driven processes for external lawyer selection.

September 8th 2020

Does Data Drive Better External Legal Instruction?

Data is powerful but moving to a data-driven culture of decision-making requires the right technology.

August 27th 2020

Can Profit, Value and Diversity Align when Instructing External Lawyers?

Download our Expert Report in collaboration with Supply Management Insider for our full research and findings.

July 20th 2020

Interview: Disrupting External Lawyer Selection

Placing trust and confidence at the core of the external lawyer selection process is increasingly becoming more difficult.

July 9th 2020

Real Diversity and Inclusion Needs Real Data

Founder View: How Can the Legal Industry Bolster Diversity and Inclusivity? With Real Data.